koto is credit on
your mobile

If you are not eligible for credit yet, we’ll give you a mobile payment account until you are victory-hand emoji

Check your eligibility directly in our app. Just enter your mobile number and we’ll do the rest.

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Check your eligibility via app

Extra and spread features koto is multiple features packed into one product

Extra Credit

When you need it

Load your own money to your koto account or use your Extra credit facility

  • Fixed fee

    £ 0.20 per day
  • Fixed daily fee, no matter how much you borrow

  • Turn Extra on and off in the app - you are in control

Representative example

Assumed Credit Amount
£ 500
Fixed charge
£ 0.20
per day
Representative APR
Card settings koto app screen

Spread Credit

  • Fixed fee

    £ 10 per month
  • Spread the cost of items over a period that suits you - one fee no matter how many plans you have
  • Spread the cost of purchases over £100 for a period that suits you

  • Use Spread anywhere you see the Mastercard logo

Representative example Spread Credit Facility

Assumed Credit Amount
£ 1 000
Fixed fee
£ 10
per month
Representative APR
Main screen of the koto app

Use koto as your main account: spend your own money, use bank transfers, have your salary paid directly into your account, or load cash.


‘Extra’ credit works a bit like an overdraft, letting you spend over your balance for a small daily fee.


‘Spread’ credit lets you pay for larger purchases over a fixed period. Think point of sale finance but better, because it works everywhere!

Check your eligibility via app

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Simple Application

Your koto journey starts with a simple application on your mobile.

App-based credit

koto is designed for your mobile. Which means that as well as a card at your fingertips, you also get...

Tools to help you manage your money

Simple charts to track your spend

Instant notifications for your transactions

Reminders for payments and upcoming Direct Debits

Easy ways to spend

Add your card to Apple or Google Pay

Quick transfers to koto contacts

Shake-to-Pay koto users nearby

Check your eligibility via app

You can also get support from our friendly humans (no bots here) through the app - everything you need in one place.